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PodCast Title Genre
"30 Year Tribute to Elvis w/ Brother Bob L. Thumper" #22 Rock, Americana
"Advice from the Dutch Uncle" #21 Rock, Americana
"The Viking Radio Live Stream Roll Out" #20 Rock, Americana
"A July 4th Declaration of Independence Read By Ben Franklin" #19 Rock, Americana
"Yet Another Sven's World Sampler" #17 Americana
"Johnny Iowa, Gigacorp Technical Support Engineer" #16 Americana
"Oley's Cafe Daddio with the Best Beatnik Poetry and Song" #13 Americana
"2007 Convention of the IBJE" #10 Americana
"Ladies Night Out with Olga Svensen" #8 Americana
"Oley's Music and Knock Knock Yokes" #6 Americana
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References are made to Sven's World Radio, The Viking Internet Radio,, and They are all now defunct.