From Cornfields to Cyberspace

If you look across the street from where my Dad’s office was on North Marion Avenue in Washington, Iowa, you will see the office building that houses the staff of The Washington Evening Journal.

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Der Viking Village

As the crew of the wrecked Plungerprize II got underway, they christened their new vessel the Gusqay Husqvarna or “Sea Hag”. They traveled south along the Norwegian coast, marveling at the stark beauty of the fjords. On the evening of the third day of their journey, they found the first sign of human life -…… Continue reading Der Viking Village

Der Crash Landing

The last thing Sven remembered before the Plungerprize II entered the clouds above Norway was the incredible shaking of the starship and the glow of the hull from the friction generated by passing through the atmosphere. He also remembered Pilot Kevin Härfagre yelling out, “Uff-dah! It’s gooing too be a ruff re-entry!” Then everything went…… Continue reading Der Crash Landing