Category: Sven’s Mars Saga

  • Oopen der Pood Bay Dooors!

    “Oopen der pood bay doors, please, Hoolga. … Oopen der pood bay dooors, please, Hoolga. … Helloo, Hoolga, doo yoo read me? … Helloo, Hoolga, doo yoo read me? … Doo yoo read me, Hoolga? … Doo yoo read me, Hoolga? … Helloo, Hoolga, doo yoo read me? Helloo, Hoolga, doo yoo read me? Doo […]

  • Sven Intoo Space

    In order to unclog the failing TP-35 unit, Sven was required to perform an EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity). He reported to the pod bay of the Plungerprize in which the EVA pods are located. Collecting the appropriate pod arm tools (plunger, mop, and bucket), Sven directed the Hulga 9000 computer to launch the pod. Ever so […]

  • Hooston, Vee Haff a Prooblem!

    As the trip to Mars progresses, the crew of the Starship Plungerprize finds different ways to pass the time. Some study, some read, some compose e-mail to send back to loved ones on earth. When he is not tending to his duties as the tour guide, Knute Willemsen likes to engage crew members in a […]

  • Passing der Mooon

    “In a cafern, In a canyoon, Escoovating foor a mine, Dvelt a minoor, Foorty-ninoor, And hiss dooghter, Clementine. Oo mah darling, Oo mah darling, Oo mah darling, Clementine. Yoou are loost and goone fooreffer…” Sven is leading the crew and passengers of the Starship Plungerprize in a sing-along as the ship passes by the moon […]

  • Der Starship Ploongerprize Leafs Oorbit

    “Oh Gott, Who made der heavens and der eart and all dey contain, vee give Yoou tanks on dis Tanksgifing Day!” were the words of the Plungerprize Chaplain, Dr. Bob L. Thumper, as the ship accelerated to escape velocity and transmartian insertion, placing it on a trajectory to Mars. Below we see the passenger compartment […]

  • Der Loonch uff der Starship Ploongerprize

    The Plungerprize has launched and is headed for space! The picture above shows the the starship riding atop the launch engine as it glides down the launch ramp prior to rocket ignition. Just before the launch, all systems were pronounced “A-OO-KAY” according to the two pilots of the Plungerprize, Yohann Keeling and Yam Yamansen. The […]

  • Der Starship Ploongerprize Prepares foor Loonch

    Under the careful hand of rocket scientist Rolff Grieg the starship Ploongerprize has been readied for launch! The picture above shows the the starship sitting atop the launch engine that will move it into earth orbit. The launch site is just south of Bergen, on an island off the Norwegian coast (right). Sven and friends […]