The Terracorp Chronicles

“The Robotto Papers” and “The Terracorp Chronicles” are metaphorical chronicles of the final two years before the demise of the Milpitas based Synapse Computer Corporation. Both are a bit silly, but they preserve a piece of Silicon Valley history nonetheless.

War Games

The steady beat of large drums could be heard in the distance, drawing closer, meting out their hypnotic rhythm. They drew closer still and took on the attributes of an Iron Butterfly drummer’s solo – drumsticks flying, battering, rolling, and shattering all ears focused on the sounds. The booming continued for several minutes more then began to subside. Slower and slower went the beat until it ended with a final cymbal crash. Then there was only the darkness and silence.

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School Days

I needed the class to stay on top, to stay competitive in the career marketplace. I drove around and around and around the campus, trying to find somewhere to park. After at least 30 laps, I found one five blocks away, behind an old Renault Dophine. On the car was a bumper sticker: 666 – OUR PLAN. “Good grief,” I thought as I got out of the car and lumbered down the street toward the administration building to pick up a schedule of classes and registration form. Signs directed me to a waiting room filled with students waiting to pick up schedules of classes and registration forms.

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