Category: The Collected Works of Buck Wheat

  • Habamus Janitorum

    Habamus Janitorum

    It was early in the morning when Sven Svensen entered the Sistine Chapel to clean the floor.

  • Sven at Work: A Christmas Tale

    Sven bar Sven swept the wood floors of Bethlehem’s Hanukah Inn, trying to keep pace with the flood of people who had returned to their hometown for the Census.

  • Big D

    Big D was the nephew of one of the founders of a company I worked for in the Sacramento area. He had just graduated with a BSEE from Texas A & M and, like a typical 22 year-old Aggie he knew everything about everything, or so he thought. He may have understood a little something…

  • The Sand Sailer

    The Sand Sailer

    The autumn had been long and dry. The winds had rushed in from the South, parching the only arable land, leaving a scant harvest. But it would do. The food would last until early summer; and, with a little extra work in the spring, they would survive.

  • English 113X

    English 113X

    . . . Mr. Tweedledum? Here. Ms. Verbose? Here. Mr. Zeus? Here.

  • Amish Town

    Amish Town

    They said that the town was named after a bull — probably a bull buffalo that roamed the English River valley many moons before the white man arrived.

  • The Class Act

    The Class Act

    At a desk in the Kremlin in Moscow in the Soviet Union on planet Earth revolving around the Sun in the Milky Way galaxy of the Andromeda local cluster within the Kanobi super-cluster of the Universe in the mind of God there sat a computer scientist cursing her terminal. True, she was connected to the…