Big D

Big D was the nephew of one of the founders of a company I worked for in the Sacramento area. He had just graduated with a BSEE from Texas A & M and, like a typical 22 year-old Aggie he knew everything about everything, or so he thought. He may have understood a little something…… Continue reading Big D

The Sand Sailer

Sand Castles

The autumn had been long and dry. The winds had rushed in from the South, parching the only arable land, leaving a scant harvest. But it would do. The food would last until early summer; and, with a little extra work in the spring, they would survive.

English 113X

String of Pearls

. . . Mr. Tweedledum? Here. Ms. Verbose? Here. Mr. Zeus? Here. Good morning. I am Professor Pooff.Welcome to English 113X: Deepness In the Depths of Poetic Depthosity.Some rivers course broad and shallow,our river runneth narrow and deep.Deeper than the grandest canyon,deeper than the deepest ocean trench,more powerful than a locomotive. We will shroud our…… Continue reading English 113X