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  • Returnering til Jord (Returning to Earth)

    Returnering til Jord (Returning to Earth)

    “Coome in, Missioon Controol! Coome in, Missioon Controol!” Derik Jarnesgaard spoke frantically into the microphone. “Diss iss der Starship Ploongerprize II, coome in, Missioon Controol! Vhat in der heck iss der matter wid dem? Vhy don’t dey ansoor?” “Haff yoou tried all der frequencies?” asked the pilot, Kevin Härfagre. “Yah, shoor. I alsoo tried all […]

  • The Art Bull Web Page

    The Art Bull Web Page

    Norway to FinlandWeeknights11pm GMT ParanoialandSunday Nights7pm GMT Feature Articles Black Helicopters are Watching You Now How to Tell if Your Boss is an Alien Big Foot Prepares for a Come-back Elvis Seen in Folsom, California Post Office Time-Traveling Clones Have Coffee With Clintons Latest Hale-Bopp Companion Photo Art Bull released this image received from Whitless […]

  • Plungerprizen II er Savnet! (The Plungerprize II is Missing!)

    This is Mars Base Alpha Mission Control with an update on the terrible events that have recently occurred during the attempted return to earth of the Plungerprize II. As the starship prepared for trans-earth insertion to place it on a trajectory back to earth, time-space disturbances were encountered here at the base and also onboard […]

  • På gjensyn, Mars (Farewell, Mars)

    På gjensyn, Mars (Farewell, Mars)

    With the cloning crisis having been resolved, the crew of the original Plungerprize prepared the new Plungerprize II for launch and the trip back to earth to continue their tour of Norway. The problem with the 256 Gusqay Husqvarna clones was resolved when an all-male colony of martians who had been monitoring the events at […]

  • Vanskeligheten med Klonene (The Trouble With Clones)

    Vanskeligheten med Klonene (The Trouble With Clones)

    It was just after midnight at Mars Base Alpha. In the main kongresshallen (conference room), Willem Knutesen rose to address the hastily gathered base council. “Uff-dah! Hvem har klont Gusqay Husqvarna?(Good grief! Who cloned Gusqay Husqvarna?)” The room was filled with deathly silence. Willem continued his inquiry, “Alright, I’ll put it a different way. Who […]

  • Et Konversasjon med Hulga (A Conversation With Hulga)

    Et Konversasjon med Hulga (A Conversation With Hulga)

    It was late and Sven the janitor was making his rounds in the computer facilties dome of Mars Base Alpha. Tonight’s schedule called for dusting and cobweb maintenance, one of Sven’s favorite tasks since he didn’t have to get his shoes wet. It was a pleasant evening and Sven hummed a sailing tune as he […]

  • Der Ploongerprize II Arrifes

    Der Ploongerprize II Arrifes

    With the Norwegian Flag emblazoned on its hull, the Plungerprize II, the latest creation of Rolff Grieg approaches Mars, passing close to Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons, the other being Deimos. The plasma drives gently insert the craft into martian orbit after the 50,000 kilometer trip from earth. Plungerprize II is entering the atmosphere […]