Category: Sven’s Tour of Norway

  • Sven Sends Unauthorized E-mail

    Sven Sends Unauthorized E-mail

    Back on the train, heading for Bergen, Norway, Sven plugged in his laptop computer and logged into his Internet provider account. He had received numerous memos from several of his friends at the Oslo Sanitation Institute. One of the memos struck him as humorous, so Sven decided to parody the memo and mail it back…

  • Glitterind and Glitterheim

    Glitterind and Glitterheim

    Well, Sven, family, and friends have finally left Oslo and have travelled north about 350 kilometers to the Jotunheimen mountain range. The summits are more than 2000 meters above sea level and there are quite a number of smaller glaciers in the area. Knute, the tour guide (in the lower right corner of the picture…

  • Sven Saves Chooking Man

    Sven Saves Chooking Man

    Shortly after their train left the Oslo station, Olga and Sven made their way to the dining car for dinner. During the course of the meal, a man seated near Sven started choking on a herring bone he had swallowed. Sven quickly whipped out his Norwegian Army plunger and performed a modified Heimlich maneuver on…

  • Sven Finds Old Friend In Vigeland Park

    Sven Finds Old Friend In Vigeland Park

    While waiting for the train to leave Oslo, Sven and Olga spent a few hours in nearby Frogner Park, the open-air gallery dedicated to the works of Gustav Vigeland, the Norwegian sculptor. More people visit Vigeland’s park than any other tourist attraction. “Vill yoou look at dat, Sven? Dey are all naked!” stated Olga, a…

  • Der Svensens Goo Skiing

    Der Svensens Goo Skiing

    Here we see Sven’s family at a ski resort in the Marka, the area of forests, hills, and lakes that surrounds the whole of central Oslo. “I vass not in der pictoor, because I vass taking it,” commented Sven.

  • The Storting – Norway’s Parliament

    The Storting – Norway’s Parliament

    The Storting is Norway’s parliament. In World War II, the Storting refused to appoint Vidkun Quisling (a Nazi puppet, whose name is synonymous with traitor) governor. In the crowd, in the upper right corner of this image, we can see Sven and Olga waving to us. Sven is very proud of his fellow Norwegians, “Vhen…

  • Olga and Sven Prepare for a Train Trip

    Olga and Sven Prepare for a Train Trip

    The hilly and mountainous geography in Norway is not very well suited for railways. This is the main reason for the somewhat limited network. But the scenery along the lines are in some places marvelous and attracts a large number of tourists to the country especially during the summer. Tickets with any combination of Train,…