Tag: Short Stories

  • Habamus Janitorum

    Habamus Janitorum

    It was early in the morning when Sven Svensen entered the Sistine Chapel to clean the floor.

  • Amish Town

    Amish Town

    They said that the town was named after a bull — probably a bull buffalo that roamed the English River valley many moons before the white man arrived.

  • The Class Act

    The Class Act

    At a desk in the Kremlin in Moscow in the Soviet Union on planet Earth revolving around the Sun in the Milky Way galaxy of the Andromeda local cluster within the Kanobi super-cluster of the Universe in the mind of God there sat a computer scientist cursing her terminal. True, she was connected to the…

  • Exlaxi


    There is not much to say at that point in the project when expectations are tempered with reality and a scapegoeat is sought.

  • The Dungeon Master

    The Dungeon Master

    Welcome to Erratic Computers, may I help you?