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  • It Must Be Great To Be A Bird

    It Must Be Great To Be A Bird

    It must be great to be a bird,To sail upon the open wind,To glide upon the hidden sea,And spread your wings through gales of dreams.It must be great to be a bird.

  • Amish Town

    Amish Town

    They said that the town was named after a bull — probably a bull buffalo that roamed the English River valley many moons before the white man arrived.

  • The Killer Can

    “We simply aren’t going to spend that kind of money on an employee ventilation request. The option on the building lease comes up soon, and we could be moving to Houston sooner than some think. Our budget certainly doesn’t have allocations for those expenditures”, retorted Dan Dollars, Vice President of Finance.

  • The Class Act

    The Class Act

    At a desk in the Kremlin in Moscow in the Soviet Union on planet Earth revolving around the Sun in the Milky Way galaxy of the Andromeda local cluster within the Kanobi super-cluster of the Universe in the mind of God there sat a computer scientist cursing her terminal. True, she was connected to the…

  • The Merge

    It was a slow day at the Generally Electrical Western Regional Field Service Office, there had been no service calls that morning – everything was running fine. Bill Torque, Senior Field Engineer, sat behind his desk working on a broken terminal. A flash, a bang, and a puff of smoke indicated that his latest scientifically…

  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

    … and all through the Norpolcorp corporate conference room all eyes were fixed on the speaker making her presentation.

  • The Terracorp Chronicles

    “The Robotto Papers” and “The Terracorp Chronicles” are metaphorical chronicles of the final two years before the demise of the Milpitas based Synapse Computer Corporation. Both are a bit silly, but they preserve a piece of Silicon Valley history nonetheless. War Games The steady beat of large drums could be heard in the distance, drawing…