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  • School Days

    School Days

    I needed the class to stay on top, to stay competitive in the career marketplace. I drove around and around and around the campus, trying to find somewhere to park. After at least 30 laps, I found one five blocks away, behind an old Renault Dophine. On the car was a bumper sticker: 666 – […]

  • HO! HO! HO! A Christmas Tale

    HO! HO! HO! A Christmas Tale

    “In the audience tuhnight is Wendy Richter, Winner of the All Girls World Champeenship Muuhhhd Wrestlin’ Tournanment. And, after the national anthem, it’ll be time for Big Foot to come on out to the center track hyar at the Cow Palace to crunch some cars…”

  • Exlaxi


    There is not much to say at that point in the project when expectations are tempered with reality and a scapegoeat is sought.

  • The Dungeon Master

    The Dungeon Master

    Welcome to Erratic Computers, may I help you?

  • The March

    The March

    As we looked into the distance, we saw the billowing clouds of dust at the place where the highway met the horizon.

  • Nattie Bumpo’s Thanksgiving

    The signs in the forest were clear – two broken twigs hanging from the young pine at the third fork of the doe’s pathway: paleskin on the way! Red Planet turned and ran through the field of thorns surrounding his tribe’s camp. He whistled like a chickadee – the sound of alert for the warriors […]

  • Confessions of a Robot

    “I think I see the shuttle cruiser,” the hooded figure stated, huddled over a portable radar console, peering at a blip moving toward her and her companion. “It’s about time he returned. He’s been gone for two months. Let’s get back to the camp and find out what he’s discovered.” She packed up the radar […]