Cloose Encoounter uff der Turd Kind

Sven was nearly killed the other day when a meteorite crashed through the roof above his bathroom and landed in his toilet. Sven rushed to the bathroom, plunger in hand, and removed the steaming meteorite.

“I knew it vass froom Marss, yoost by looking at it!” Sven told local reporters. After Sven came to this remarkable deduction, he borrowed Sven Jr.’s microscope and examined the meteorite more closely. The microscope revealed small maggot-like creatures crawling in the structure. There could only be one conclusion: THERE IS LIFE ON MARS.

Scientists throughout the world now had the evidence they needed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist. How could the God who created us possibly have created any other life? If God had wanted us to be the only life in the universe, He would have made it smaller.

For Sven, the crisis of faith was brief. He decided after two or three minutes of thought that he would still believe in God even if God had the audacity to create life somewhere else in addition to the Earth.

The Plungerprize is coming along nicely. Rolff Grieg says the ship should be ready for lift-off in about two more weeks. Sven and company are looking forward to the trip. “Maybe vee vill haff a cloose encoounter oop dere, moore dan yoost der Turd Kind.”