Der Landing on Marss!

As the Plungerprize entered the Martian atmosphere, the crew prepared themselves and the ship for the landing procedure. MGS (the Mars Global Surveyor) provided the weather report for the Isidis Planitia region where the ship was headed. The ship would glide to the landing site where the engines would be ignited and the ship steered straight up, then gently lowered to the surface of Mars.

“Uff dah! I haff initiated der landing seekvence.” spoke the Hulga 9000 computer.

The voice of Yohann Keeling, Plungerprize co-pilot, came over the intercom, “Der Captain hass toorned on der noo smooking sign. Please bring yoour seat backs and tray tabools to der oopright poosition. Sven vill be handing oout der pyook bags.”

“Landing site in fyoo. Main und ooxillary enjoon ignishoon.” said Hulga, as she vectored the Plungerprize upward.

The engines thundered with the voice of Thor. The ship shook and shimmied and groaned as it descended in a cloud of exhaust. Yohann updated Yam Yamansen as he guided the ship down.

“60 feet, doown 2 1/2. 2 foorvard. 2 foorvard. Dot’s goot. 40 feet, doown 2 1/2. Picking oop soome doost. 30 feet, 2 1/2 doown. 4 foorvard. 4 foorvard. Drifting too der right a little. 20 feet, doown a haff.

“Turtee seconds,” Hulga added.

“Drifting foorvard yoost a little bit; dot’s goot. Coontact Light.


“Ookay. Engine Stoop.”

“Uff dah! Vee are on Marss!”