Der Noo Statoo Uff Liboorty

A lot has happened at Mars Base Alpha since our last report. Kris Rev has successfully completed the first terraforming operation in an area near the base which she has christened “Norwegian Wood”. Isn’t it good?

The Base Council met several months ago and commissioned Sven Jr., an up-and-coming artist, to produce a fitting monument to the spirit of the adventurous Norwegians who had left their homes, their loved ones, and their stock options and had joined Sven in the quest for the unknown on Mars. After much thought and research Sven Jr. decided that the Statue of Liberty would make the perfect model after which to pattern his sculpture. Elna Nevillesen (above) was chosen as model for the statue.

Although it is fairly common knowledge that Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States, it is a little known fact that the copper to build the statue came from Norway.

When the “New Statue of Liberty” was completed, it was placed in the courtyard of the main campus at Mars Base Alpha.

Sven Jr.

Sven Jr. addressed the crowd at the dedication of the monument (Sven Jr. has no accent since he was born in Inglewood, California when Sven was a janitor at Disneyland in Anaheim). “I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped me with this project. We dedicate this ‘New Statue of Liberty’. May it stand as a beacon to all wayfarers who yearn to breathe freely. Of course it would help if we had a little more oxygen up here.”

“I’m voorking on it!” replied Kris Rev from the crowd.

Sven Jr. continued, “I would also like to announce that my sister, Svenetta, and I must return to the earth. Our next semester starts in three weeks. According to the latest communications with Mission Control, Plungerprize II has been prepared for launch to bring us supplies and new recruits for those of us returning to earth.”