Der Ploongerprize II Arrifes

With the Norwegian Flag emblazoned on its hull, the Plungerprize II, the latest creation of Rolff Grieg approaches Mars, passing close to Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons, the other being Deimos. The plasma drives gently insert the craft into martian orbit after the 50,000 kilometer trip from earth.

Plungerprize II is entering the atmosphere on the sunward side of Mars and gliding downward toward the surface and Mars Base Alpha which is now on the dark side of the planet. Rolff Grieg’s design implements what he refers to as “the inverted frisbee effect” allowing the cup shape of the starship to float on the cushion of martian air much the way a cup would float on a cushion of water. Rolff discovered this concept while serving his janitorial internship at the Oslo Sanitation Institute. He was changing the handle on his plunger when the cup slipped out of his hands an landed upside-down in the toilet and floated. Shortly after this, he patented the concept, became a rocket scientist, built the first Plungerprize, and the rest is history. “He vass vun uff my best co-voorkers,” Sven has been heard to say on many occasions.

As the Plungerprize II approaches the domes of Mars Base Alpha in the darkness, the pilot, Kevin Härfagre (pictured below) is applying the anti-gravity stabilizers and resting the bottom of the ship’s hull on the top of the main dome at the base. The ship is filled with supplies and new recruits to replace the first wave of settlers, many of whom will be returning to the earth with Sven and Olga.