Der Starship Ploongerprize Leafs Oorbit

Der Starship Ploongerprize

“Oh Gott, Who made der heavens and der eart and all dey contain, vee give Yoou tanks on dis Tanksgifing Day!” were the words of the Plungerprize Chaplain, Dr. Bob L. Thumper, as the ship accelerated to escape velocity and transmartian insertion, placing it on a trajectory to Mars.

Below we see the passenger compartment with Sven’s friends experiencing the temporary but uncomfortable change in G forces. Despite the stress, everyone aboard was excited.

ust after transmartian insertion, ground control forwarded the following message from the corporate headquarters of BS (Bergen Sanitation) to all the BS employees aboard the Plungerprize:

I strongly sooggest dat eferyone (especially der Sales & Marketing Departments), attend der Farewell Party foor Yohann Kruger, Kirsten DeSoosaphone & Dorna Yohannsen. Dis vill be a great oppoortoonity to congratoolate 3 indifidooals dat vere instroomental in der sooccess of BS. As a recap, der party iss Vednesday, Nofember 20d @ 5:30 at Voody’s Restaurant in Oslo. Foor additional infoormation, please call Lorna Koorby at ext. 555.
Danks. Yumpin’ Yiminy!


When he read the memo Sven remarked, “Vell, I tink it’s too late too goo back foor der party. Besides, I voould yoost as soon talk too soome Martians.”