Der Starship Ploongerprize Prepares foor Loonch

Under the careful hand of rocket scientist Rolff Grieg the starship Ploongerprize has been readied for launch! The picture above shows the the starship sitting atop the launch engine that will move it into earth orbit. The launch site is just south of Bergen, on an island off the Norwegian coast (right).

Sven and friends have been working feverishly to complete the project. Here is a picture of the launch pad during the construction of the starship.

Those who have chosen to join Sven and Olga and family on this mission to Mars are: Knute Willemsen, Willem Knutesen, Olga Cramling, Darren Lycklama, Edvard Reedsker, Rolff Grieg, Dansk Husqvarne, Harald Härfagre, Willem Bursken, Eric Liefsen, Thor Wilkensen, Yarig Yonsen, Yohann Skooner, Torkil Fansen, Lille Grensen, Thor Grensen, and Dr. Mamoun

The countdown has begun. We are at T-96 hours and counting. The crew will be boarding soon.