Der Viking Village

As the crew of the wrecked Plungerprize II got underway, they christened their new vessel the Gusqay Husqvarna or “Sea Hag”. They traveled south along the Norwegian coast, marveling at the stark beauty of the fjords. On the evening of the third day of their journey, they found the first sign of human life – a viking ship, docked on the shore. They awaited sundown and then approached the ship which was empty. In the distance, in a large grove of pines or redwoods they could see several campfires and hear the singing of viking sailing songs.

“Yumpin’ Yiminee!” said Derik Jarnesgaard, jumping out of the boat and wading through the frigid water to the shore, “Let’s goo und see whoo iss dere.” Kevin Härfagre, captain of the ship, jumped in and joined Derik on the shore. Sven threw him a rope and Kevin and Derik pulled the boat into a cove out of the sight of the inhabited woods. The exhausted crew set up a camp and they rested from their journey.