Glitterind and Glitterheim

Well, Sven, family, and friends have finally left Oslo and have travelled north about 350 kilometers to the Jotunheimen mountain range. The summits are more than 2000 meters above sea level and there are quite a number of smaller glaciers in the area.

Knute, the tour guide (in the lower right corner of the picture above), took Sven and two other travellers, Dansk Husqvarne (lower left) and Harald Härfagre (lower center), on a hike up the second highest mountain in Norway, Glitterind.

After the hike, our friends spent the night in a hostel owned by Lille and Thor Grensen.

Lille was a fellow janitorial engineer with Sven and the Oslo Sanitation Institute and presented Sven with his set of horns when he graduated. She has made several all-expenses-paid trips throughout Europe for the Institute.

For Sven’s birthday, Lille sent him this card:

Thor is known throughout the area as “Der Noomber Vun NASCAR Fan.”

Thor worked with Sven in America and introduced him to the exciting motorsport of NASCAR stock car racing.

Thor and Sven spent an evening racing go-carts in the back yard of the hostel, Thor pretending he was Mark Martin and Sven pretending he was Tom Cruise.

After an Easter Sunday sunrise service on Mount Glittern, Sven and Olga were met at the lodge by Sven’s friend and fellow janitor from the Olso Sanitation Institute, Yason Olsen. Yason had missed the train earlier, but caught up with our party by riding through the mountains on his motorcycle.

“Uff dah!” Sven exclaimed, “Dat boy can moof!”

Near Glitterheim Sven met Darren Lycklama, a janitor at the Inn where Sven and friends are staying. In the picture above, we see Darren battling the whitewater.

Darren invited Sven to go with him, but Sven declined, claiming to have eaten too much lutefisk for breakfast.

Soon it was time to leave Glitterheim. To get Sven and company back to the train station, Edvard Reedsker, chief janitor from the Oslo Sanitation Institute and Sven’s former boss, drove all the way from Oslo in his pickup to give them a hand.

“Vhen I heard dat Sven needed soome help, I came a-roonin’,” Edvard proclaimed. Soon all the luggage was loaded in back of the pickup and Evard drove our friends back to the Glitterheim depot.