Kris Rev der Terrafoormer

Several years ago Sven met Kris Rev, a fellow janitor, at the Oslo Sanitation Institute before it moved to Bergen and became Bergen Sanitation. Kris and Sven worked in the same department at the Institute where they developed automated restroom control software as a part of the Vapoorware package with features such as a “Low Paper” alert notification for paper towels, toilet paper, and seat covers.

Kris left the Institute for a short time to become a forester. It was there that she developed an interest in plant life that qualified her for the task of terraforming the planet of Mars.

Above we see a view of an area near Mars Base Alpha which Kris picked as the first experimental terraforming region, and below we see Kris displaying the results of her work: Norwegian Woods.

Kris explained what she was doing out in the newly created forest. “Vell, I yoost vanted too coome oout here und coount der trees. Vun, Twoo, Tree, Foour, Fife, Six, Seffen, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleffen, Tvelve, Tirteen, Foourteen…”