Olga and Sven Prepare for a Train Trip

The hilly and mountainous geography in Norway is not very well suited for railways. This is the main reason for the somewhat limited network. But the scenery along the lines are in some places marvelous and attracts a large number of tourists to the country especially during the summer. Tickets with any combination of Train, Bus, Ferry and Airline are available and there are
good connections between the different means of transport.

Avalanches are a constant threat to train travel in Norway. However, Norwegian ingenuity and adaptability is displayed here with a man-made tunnel that any avalanche merely passes over and train travel continues on.

Because of the difficult geography, train speeds are restricted. The traveling speed including all stops is between 70 and 80 km/h. Maximum allowed speed in Norway is at the moment 160km/h. The new line between Oslo and Gardermoen Airport is built for 200km/h.


The BM71 (right) will be the train Olga and Sven Svensen will be riding on their train tour of Norway. Sven commented, “Uff-dah, dat is vun fast choo-choo!”