På gjensyn, Mars (Farewell, Mars)

With the cloning crisis having been resolved, the crew of the original Plungerprize prepared the new Plungerprize II for launch and the trip back to earth to continue their tour of Norway. The problem with the 256 Gusqay Husqvarna clones was resolved when an all-male colony of martians who had been monitoring the events at Mars Base Alpha approached the council and requested that 256 of their members be allowed to wed the clones. The request was enthusiastically and unanomously approved by the council, and the base was turned over to the care of the new pioneers under the leadership of Mayor Jostein Thoresen.

Following the mass marriage ceremony of martians and clones, Plungerprize II Chaplain, Dr. Bob L. Thumper, prayed for blessings and Godspeed on the journey home and the brave crew boarded Plungerprize II.”Yumpin’ Yiminee!” said Sven, as he made his last minute mopping rounds while the starship was undocking, “I can’t vait too get hoome!” He made certain that all the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers were full then headed for his seat in the crew compartment. “Oouter space iss noo place too run oout uff tooilet papoor!”