Picking der Landing Site

“I tink I voould like to land derr!” Pieter Torkelsen pointed to a plateau between the two major canyons of Vallis Marineris as he presented his landing site proposal to the crew of the Plungerprize.

Willem Knutesen made his way to the projection screen in the Plungerprize’s main conference room. “Sven, vill yoo shoow der next slide, pleasse?”

“Yah shoor, Willem. And, I voould like to tank yoou pooblicly foor reboooting Hoolga und talking her intoo letting me coome back intoo der ship. Alsoo, I voould like to tank Hoolga foor letting me coome back intoo der ship.”

“Uff dah! It vass nutting,” replied the Hulga 9000 computer.

Willem continued, “Yah, vell, Pieter, dot’s a goot place derr, boot I vass tinking uff somevhere clooser too here,” replied Willem, pointing to another area of Vallis Marineris further to the southeast.

“Vait a minoote! Vait yoost a minute!”, came a voice from the back of the conference room. It was Yam Yamansen, Plungerprize pilot.”Sven, voould yoou pleasse show der Isidis Planitia slide?”

“Yah shoor, Yam.

Sven placed the slide showing the general region of Isidis Planitia into the projector.

“Diss iss vhere vee are gooing to land,”

Yam walked to the screen. “Pleasse shoow der cloose-oop shot uff der area, Sven. Yah shoor, derr it iss. If yoou tink I’m gooing to land der Ploogerprize in dat valley dat iss bigger dan der Yoonited States, yoou haff anoother ding cooming. Vee are landing vhere it is nice and smoooth.”

Numerous “Yahs” and “Yah shoors” were heard throughout the conference room.