Returnering til Jord (Returning to Earth)

“Coome in, Missioon Controol! Coome in, Missioon Controol!” Derik Jarnesgaard spoke frantically into the microphone. “Diss iss der Starship Ploongerprize II, coome in, Missioon Controol! Vhat in der heck iss der matter wid dem? Vhy don’t dey ansoor?”

“Haff yoou tried all der frequencies?” asked the pilot, Kevin Härfagre.

“Yah, shoor. I alsoo tried all uff der commershool channools foor radioo, telefishoon, CB, yoou name it. Dere iss nutting out dere. I can’t efen call my vife on der celloolar phoone.”

“It’s diss stoopid Hoolga Twoo coompooter. Dey doon’t make dem like dey yoosed too.” shouted Härfagre, grabbing a nearby plunger, preparing to bash the Hulga 2 computer to smithereens.
“Vait a minoote! Vait a minoote!” responded Knute Willemsen, I tink I knoow vhat iss wronk. I saw diss vonce on Star Trek. I belief vee haff travooled back in time.”

“Vhat are vee gooing too doo?”

“Vee vill haff to land, see vhere vee are and vhen vee haff landed. Den vee vill haff too figuoor oout hoow too get back too oour own time. It isn’t gooing too be easy. I am very voorried.”

Derik Jarnesgaard spoke into the microphone again, this time his voice boomed throughout the working and living quarters aboard the ship, “Prepare foor landing! Prepare foor landing!”