Rolff Grieg, Roocket Scientist

Rolff Grieg, Roocket Scientist

In Bergen, Sven and Olga visited with Rolff Grieg, amateur astronomer and rocket scientist. “Uff dah,” said Sven, “He hass soome great ideas. All he neets iss soome mooney. He vants too doo soomeding dat I haff alvays vanted too doo myself: goo too Mars.”

Sven was referring to the plans Rolff revealed to him. Rolff is convinced that he can build an interplanetary transport for about $1900 and can have it ready to fly in about four weeks.

Sven told him that he sounded a lot like the visionaries at the Oslo Sanitation Institute when they would present their schedules for toilet gasket maintenance. “Every ding took foour veeks. It vass a rooning yoke aroound der place.”

Despite his misgivings, Sven asked Olga to write Rolff a check. Knute the tour guide thought the idea was great. “I vill stoody der sky every day I can until vee lift uff,” Knute replied when Sven told him where they were going.