Sven Arrives in Norvay, Starts New Yob

Sven Svensen

Sven Svensen has arrived in Norway to begin his new job as the Head Janitor of the Royal Palace located in Oslo. Sven is the former chief janitorial officer of the now defunct TwinX Software, a small start-up company located in Folsom, California.

Sven was also the lead SRMP (Simple Restroom Management Protocol) custodial team leader at the North American branch of the Oslo Sanitation Institute.

Oslo, Norway

During his time in the United States working at TwinX Software, Sven honed his skills, becoming a master with a plunger, broom, duster, mop and bucket. However, his talents were being wasted at TwinX and he soon saw the hand writing on the wall – TwinX’s competitors were flushing the company down the tubes.

He began looking for another job and found one with a rapidly growing company, also located in Folsom, the North American branch office of the Norwegian restroom management software giant, The Oslo Sanitation Institute.

As a native Norwegian, Sven was hired on the spot. And it was soon realized that Sven was the logical choice to lead the team of janitors developing the Oslo Sanitation Institute’s implementation of their Simple Restroom Management Protocol product, “Sniffer”. SRMP, the brain-child of the world-renowned restroom scientist Marshall Nose, provides the framework upon which SRMP applications are built. Sniffer took advantage of these features and provided warnings and alerts for common restroom events such as “stench alert”, “low toilet paper warning”, “sink overflow alert”, “urinal cake deterioration warning”, and so on.

The team of janitors was known throughout the Institute as the “Clean Team”. Despite Sven’s objections, upper management forced all of the members of the team to surrender their individual mop buckets and mops and locked the team in a small janitor’s closet. Four months later the Clean Team emerged proudly with Sniffer 4.0.

Sven was rewarded with a new synthetic rubber composite plunger. He loved it dearly, however his heart yearned for his homeland of Norway and it wasn’t long before he once again could see the hand writing on the wall – they were going down the tubes, too.

Sven prepared an e-mail resume and sent it to the Royal Palace in Oslo. In a few weeks he was given a phone interview and later flown to Oslo to meet the King and Queen of Norway. He was hired on the spot.

Sven returned to Folsom, California. He and his wife Olga and their children, Sven Jr. and Svenetta, packed up their belongings and boarded a cruise ship bound for their homeland.

When asked what he thought as they disembarked from the ship, Sven paused for a few seconds and replied, “Vhat vas da qvestion?”