Sven Finds Old Friend In Vigeland Park

While waiting for the train to leave Oslo, Sven and Olga spent a few hours in nearby Frogner Park, the open-air gallery dedicated to the works of Gustav Vigeland, the Norwegian sculptor. More people visit Vigeland’s park than any other tourist attraction.

“Vill yoou look at dat, Sven? Dey are all naked!” stated Olga, a bit embarassed by the sculptures.

“Oh, yah!” Sven replied.

They moved through the crowd, past the numerous bronze artworks. Then Sven thought he heard someone yelling his name.

“Vell, vell, vell! If it isn’t my oold friend, Sven!”

“Yumpin’ Yiminee! Iss dat Villem? Villem Knutsen?”

“Yah, Sven!”

“Oh, yah!”

“Yah, shoor!”

“Uff dah! Dat girl oover dere looks like she had a bad hair day,” commented Olga.

It was Sven’s old friend, Willem Knutesen. Willem had worked with Sven at TwinX Software in the United States. He then returned to Norway and was now writing restroom gasket replacement procedure manuals at the Oslo Sanitation Institute.

Sven told Willem about his train trip and Willem quickly ran home to pack in order to join Sven on the trip.

“Yumpin’ Yiminee! It vass goot to see Willem again,” said Sven