Sven Intoo Space

In order to unclog the failing TP-35 unit, Sven was required to perform an EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity). He reported to the pod bay of the Plungerprize in which the EVA pods are located. Collecting the appropriate pod arm tools (plunger, mop, and bucket), Sven directed the Hulga 9000 computer to launch the pod.

Ever so carefully Sven maneuvered the pod above the bow of the ship and across the bridge cup toward the main engine shaft.

“Yumpin’ Yiminee!” he thought, “Diss iss almoost as easy as drifing a pickoop! Hulga, vhere iss der TP-35 yoonit?”

“Yoost underneat der main engine shaft. Yoou’ll see it.

Sven parked the pod underneath the main engine shaft and performed the delicate declogging operation known in the janitorial engineering world as “ploonging.” Soon the TP-35 unit was functioning normally.

As he returned the pod to the pod bay, Sven contemplated how much fun he was having on the trip to Mars. Nearing the bow of the ship he opened communications with Hulga for the docking procedure.

“Coome in, Hulga. Doo yoou read me?”

“Coome in, Hulga. Doo yoou read me?”

“Affirmootive, Sven. I read yoou.”

“Oopen der pood bay dooor.”

“I’m afraid I can’t doo dat, Sven…”