The Terracorp Chronicles

The Booger Man

It’s intent at the time was to break an unknown fellow employee of a rather disgusting habit that is described in this chapter. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to go on to the next paragraph.

The Booger Man looked both ways down the Gigacorp Hallway of the Tubes. There was no one around. He quickly stole his way to the intersection of two long wide Gigacorp complex corridors and glanced into the dark distance. He made his way toward the nearest men’s room and gave one last look behind him to ensure that he was alone. Once inside he made his way toward the hancicapped stall and closed the door behind him. He did not unbuckle his belt, but sat directly on the toilet. Removing a black glove he plunged his finger into his rose and pulled out a great big green booger. He then proceeded to wipe it on the wall and chuckle to himself, “Heh, heh, heh! I hate these people I have to work with. I will make then sick to their stomaches. I will make them wretch. I will make then puke! I will wake them… make them… make them… vomit!”

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“Attention! Attention!” came a booming voice from a loud speaker just outside the stall door. “This is Compol! We have been monitoring your activities!” With this the Compol stomped his studded boot through the stall door and pointed a molecular reducer at the Booger Man. Pulling the trigser, he looked away with revulsion from the booger museum on the wall. Red marking beams streamed from the end of the Molecular reducer, outlining the body of the Booger Man. This was followed by the aqua colored reducing beam that disintegrated the Booger Man, leaving only a small mound of dust behind.

“I got that sucker!” shouted the Compol to his two companions standing outside the bathroom door.

“Great!” replied one of them. “Let’s eat him here.”

A third Compol stared through the visor of his grey brushed metal helmet and smacked his lips.

“No, I am not Grodin Pudge,” insisted the man emerging from the tar pit. “I am Admiral Bozoni of the Interstellar Merchant Marines. I am here to rescue you.”

“Who is the other man?” asked Mio from Rio coming from behind a large rock followed by Bill Torque.

“I am Commodore Miskochief of the Starship Big Apple. I beamed down to rescue the Admiral. His ship, the Cosmic Partner materialized inside the planet just under these tar pits.”

“That explains the disturbance in the space-time cortinuum that I detected earlier,” said Mr. Robotto, also moving from behind the rock.

“My ship is orbiting the planet, and we are prepared to beam up all of you and the rest of the diagnostic programmers. Once we have done that, we will see you all safely to Barnard 3.”

“Up this vay, boss,” said Gus Stoppo pointing to the opening of a drain hole above their heads. “Ve gotta move quick!”

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