Vanskeligheten med Klonene (The Trouble With Clones)

It was just after midnight at Mars Base Alpha. In the main kongresshallen (conference room), Willem Knutesen rose to address the hastily gathered base council.

“Uff-dah! Hvem har klont Gusqay Husqvarna?
(Good grief! Who cloned Gusqay Husqvarna?)”

The room was filled with deathly silence. Willem continued his inquiry, “Alright, I’ll put it a different way. Who is the IDIOT who made a clone of Gusqay Husqvarna?”

The voice of the Hulga 9000E computer responded from the remote console located in the kongresshallen. “I’m sorry to have to correct you, Willem, but your question should be ‘Who are the IDIOTS who cloned the Gusqay Husqvarnas?’ There are, at last count, 32 Gusqay clones.” A murmur echoed throughout the hall.

“Uff-dah! If you know something, Hulga, you should tell us all about it. Has Sven been experimenting with new cleaning solutions?”

“No, shortly after the cloning accident occurred, I told Sven what had happened. He told me to tell you about it. Here is what really happened. Please turn your attention to the center screen where we see Derik and Knute in the main system room earlier this evening.”

“Alright, Knute, I’m about to run the cloning process. Still, I’m not so sure we should be doing this!”

“It’s okay, Derik. NO-one, absolutely NO-one will find out! We’ll clone ourselves, send the clones back to earth, then we can be free to explore mars.”

“Alright, I’m ready. Hulga, bring up the cloning dialog, please.”

“Let’s see… Ummm. Uff-dah…”

“Is it ready?”

It was at this point that Derik and Knute heard approaching footsteps.

“Here comes someone! Qvick!”

Although he intended to drag and drop personality information profiles for himself and Knute, in his panic, Derik dragged the Vapoorware icon into the cloning window. This reactivated a Vapoorware virus that started a cloning chain reaction that is in progress even as we speak. The current count of Gusqay clones now stands at 128.

“Oh no!”

At this point Kris Rev entered the room and discovered what Derik and Knute were up to.