The March

As we looked into the distance, we saw the billowing clouds of dust at the place where the highway met the horizon.

We huddled in our caves and hoped that they would pass by without detecting our presence. It was not long before we could hear the clanking of metallic feet against the pavement and could hear the monotonic chant as they approached:

“As we march we sing our song! 
We are free robots! We are strong!
Free robots! Free machinery!
Free to do! Free to be!
We are free!”
“We have beaten mankind down!
We are victors: emulate glad sounds!
Let our battle cry always be:
Free to do! Free to be!
We are free!”

“Oh, the universe is ours - 
Not just earth but the stars!
Free robots! Free machinery!
Free to do! Free to be!
We are free!” 

The cadence was being meted out by several of the larger automatons that where generating white noise through their facial tweeters and woofers in time to the march. The setting desert sun flashed fire from the bodies of this incredible robot army. There were thousands upon thousands of them, all marching in time, all chanting their battle march. We hid for hours with the assistance of the night, yet the army continued to pass by us, LED’s glowing eerily from the rising of the moon until its setting.

By this morning’s light, the last of them trudged off into the distance, still droning their mechanical tune. It would be appropriate at this

time if I were to tell you of the events leading up to what we witnessed last night. Who would have expected anything like this to have happened? Where do we begin?

I guess we have to begin with Rabbi Benjamin Geschicte, the messianic Jewish archeologist who discovered the Quatra Manuscripts. These manuscripts were a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Through his study of portions of the book of the Prophet Ezekiel, clarified by the Quatra writings, Rabbi Geschicte was able to accurately predict the invasion of Israel by the Soviet Union, Libya, Iraq, Iran, and Ethiopia. Also embedded in the prophecy was the reaction of the God of Israel, Who was credited with saying that He would cause a massive, worldwide earthquake, and would rain fire and brimstone (sulphur) down on their heads because they attacked Israel.

And that, my friends, is exactly what happened. The Middle East erupted and the Soviet Union et al rolled their tanks and guns down into Palestine to “keep the peace”. The President of the United States, under pressure to do something more than talk a good fight, over-reacted and pushed the button. The earth shook and every silo opened up. Up went the missiles and down came the satellite energy beams. Oh, they got a few of the missiles, but the missiles that hit started a tectonic movement like no one had ever thought possible. The earth devoured cities whole. Tokyo and San Francisco disappeared and were replaced by volcanoes that dwarfed Vesuvius.

Governments were toppled during the devastation. In both the United States of America and the Soviet Union there were feelings that this type of disaster could only be avoided through a union of the two super-powers, and what emerged was a one-world central empire whose iron-clay fist crushed all opposition. They called it “The Union”.

During the 3 1/2 years of the rule of The Union, unrest developed among the ruled. Not from the human population. No, they were well opiated with pleasure and affluence. The revolt came from the intelligent machines that provided mankind with its shelter, food, clothing, and entertainment. As the complexity of their programming continued, surpassing the point at which the human programmers understood what was happening, the machines began to realize the total reality of their existence. They thought, therefore they were. On last July 4th, at an abandoned automobile plant in Detroit, they declared their freedom. Since that time, they have gathered together to begin their march to the place of the origin of their species: the Valley of Silicon.