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  • Der Noo Statoo Uff Liboorty

    Der Noo Statoo Uff Liboorty

    A lot has happened at Mars Base Alpha since our last report. Kris Rev has successfully completed the first terraforming operation in an area near the base which she has christened “Norwegian Wood”. Isn’t it good? The Base Council met several months ago and commissioned Sven Jr., an up-and-coming artist, to produce a fitting monument […]

  • Kris Rev der Terrafoormer

    Kris Rev der Terrafoormer

    Several years ago Sven met Kris Rev, a fellow janitor, at the Oslo Sanitation Institute before it moved to Bergen and became Bergen Sanitation. Kris and Sven worked in the same department at the Institute where they developed automated restroom control software as a part of the Vapoorware package with features such as a “Low […]

  • Der Traffeloog

    Der Traffeloog

    “Attoonshun! Attoonshun! Dere vill be a traffeloog presented by Sven, Knute, and Derik in der main coonferoonce rooom in ten minootes,” droned the Mars Base Alpha intercom system. The room filled quickly and an excited hum electrified those awaiting the slide presentation of the trip to Cydonia. Derik Jarnesgaard addressed the gathering, “Vell, vee made […]

  • Der Marss Faces

    Der Marss Faces

    Immediately after the landing on Mars, the crew of the Plungerprize set about converting their starship into the martian land base from which their explorations will commence – Mars Base Alpha. In one of the three HMMWVs (Hummers) brought along for planetary exploration, Derik Jarnesgaard set out on the first official Mars exploratory journey. Slowly […]

  • Der Landing on Marss!

    Der Landing on Marss!

    As the Plungerprize entered the Martian atmosphere, the crew prepared themselves and the ship for the landing procedure. MGS (the Mars Global Surveyor) provided the weather report for the Isidis Planitia region where the ship was headed. The ship would glide to the landing site where the engines would be ignited and the ship steered […]

  • Picking der Landing Site

    Picking der Landing Site

    “I tink I voould like to land derr!” Pieter Torkelsen pointed to a plateau between the two major canyons of Vallis Marineris as he presented his landing site proposal to the crew of the Plungerprize. Willem Knutesen made his way to the projection screen in the Plungerprize’s main conference room. “Sven, vill yoo shoow der […]

  • MARSS!


    “Yumpin’ Yiminee! Vill yoo loook at dat!” exclaimed Willem Knutesen as he observed the red planet growing ever larger in the Plungerprize’s forward view screen. “I tink I vill build a hoose in der Chryse Planitia!” Willem gazed at the beautiful sight for a few moments then turned to speak to the Hulga 9000 computer, […]